American Distillery Institute International Spirits Competition, 2023:
Gold Medal
New York International Spirits Competition 2023: Silver Medal 
New York International Spirits Competition 2023: Connecticut Vodka Distillery of the Year
Vengeance Vodka is a new addition to the famous list of the best vodkas in the World. But this vodka is not just another addition to the collection, it’s a vodka made with love and heart for the taste of vodka.
This vodka is made from potatoes, which gives it a unique taste and texture that sets it apart from other vodkas. Vengeance Vodka is known for its mild and round aftertaste that quickly disappears, leaving a pleasant sensation in the mouth.
But Vengeance Vodka is more than just a fantastic taste. The bottle is beautiful and designed with care, and its logo symbolizes the strength and courage of a lion combined with the swiftness and vision of an eagle.
This vodka is made with care to ensure that each bottle has the same high quality and taste that Vengeance Vodka is known for. Each bottle is filled with flavor and history and is a perfect gift or addition to any collection.
If you want to try a vodka made with love and heart for the taste of vodka, then Vengeance Vodka is a must-try. It’s one of the best potato vodkas on the market today and a favorite among many.
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